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ClearTec™ MAXX® product lines are the widest selection of absorbent products in the world for any liquid, any job and any facility. All this from a manufacturer with over 28 years of history in the spill response industry!

POLYMAXX Product Suite

oil-only absorbent solutions can last up to 2X longer than ordinary polymer based
products so they requires fewer change-outs saving valuable time and money. Why pay for universal absorbency if you don't need it! POLYMAXX® Oil-Only Absorbents absorb only petroleum-based liquids while repelling water. POLYMAXX® products cost less and are great for outdoor jobs and spills on water with superior UV resistance for long deployment. Available in a wide variety of sizes to suit any application, these View POLYMAXX Productsoil-only absorbents include pads, rolls, socks, booms and pillows.As an added benefit, POLYMAXX® products are built upon a proven, multi-layer construction making them one of the strongest products on the market.

CHEMMAXX Product Suite
CHEMMAXX® Chemical Haz-Mat products outperform all others for highly corrosive liquids. Hazardous substances such as chemicals, acids and bases have specific properties that require special handling when spilled or leaked. When this happens, you need to have CHEMMAXX® handy to prevent it from spreading and causing serious injury. CHEMMAXX® absorbs the widest range of acids, bases and unknown liquids for chemical spill cleanup and CHEMMAXX® can View CHEMMAXX Productsabsorb even high concentrations like 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide. Proven multi-layer, fine-fiber construction makes CHEMMAXX® the strongest chemical haz-mat products on the market.

UNIMAXX Product Suite
Universal absorbent solutions stop leaks and spills from spreading, fast! UNIMAXX® quickly contains general spills such as water, coolants, solvents or oil with ease using ClearTec’s unique Advanced Absorbent System. For high-volume spills, UNIMAXX® absorbs almost twice as much as standard universal absorbents for less money. UNIMAXX® also incorporates high-density, fine-grade absorbent construction giving
View UNIMAXX Products it the ability to conform to uneven floors and stay in place for excellent spill containment and diking. The UNIMAXX® unique stitch-bonded polypropylene skin holds in liquid, even when fully saturated.