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The water you use in your house or commercial building most likely contains large amounts of impurities, particulates, carcinogens, and other possibly deadly contaminants. Municipal and ground water wels do not treat water properly for these dangers. You need an efficient solution to ensure that you are always using high-quality water every day of your life.

ClearTec designs an extensive line of high quality, multi-cartridge filter systems that are used globally for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. Standard filter housings are manufactured with durable FDA grade polypropylene and are available with a variety of NPT pipe connectors.

ClearView water quality and filtration systems are the only filtration systems in the world that provide multi-stage filtration for a majority of contaminates with the EXCLUSIVE RUBBERIZER and TECULITE filter cartridges for advanced filtering capabilities.

SAFE, CLEAN, & HEALTHY water is not a luxury...



  • Heavy-duty construction using high-quality FDA grade polypropylene
  • Superior chemical resistance from many aggressive chemicals
  • Buttress thread design for superior security
  • Thick side walls with heavy-duty ribs to provide greater strength
  • Temperature rated to 125F (52C)
  • Cap, sump and top-seated O-rings compress to provide leak proof sealing
  • Performance validated by testing facility

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Materials (sumps & caps) Polypropylene
Materials (o-ring) EPDM
Max. temp standard housing 125F (52C)
Min. temp 40F (4.4C)
Max psi, res & com housings 125 psi (8.75 bar)
Max pressure, Full-Flow 90 psi (6.3 bar)
Cycle tests (@125 psi) 150,000 cycles
Threads Straight