United States Environmental Protection Agency 

Certification of Rubberizer® as a sorbent."...EPA believes that the use of sorbents, by themselves, will not create deleterious effects on the environment because sorbent materials are essentially inert and insoluble in water and because the basic components of sorbents are non-toxic..."

State of California, Department of Fish & Game, Office of Spill Prevention & Response

Licensed for Oil Spill Cleanup Agent

U.S. Department of Labor

Materials Safety Data Sheet, filed 3-94

No chemicals present in products at a concentration of 0.1% or more classified as a carcinogenic by IARC, NTP or OSHA

USPCI, A Subsidiary of Union Pacific Corp.

"...Rubberizer® appears to effectively solidify organic liquids and appears to satisfy state and federal regulations prohibiting landfill of free liquids..."

Ogden Projects, Inc.

"Rubberizer® appears to effectively solidify certain spill materials and appears to qualify as a non-hazardous solid waste according to state and federal regulation, and may therefore be used as a fuel at energy recovery facilities operated by Ogden, such as H-Power in Hawaii or the plant in Stanislaus County California."

Marine Pollution Control

"MPC has utilized this product in more than half a dozen water-borne releases to great effect. Rubberizer® is extremely effective at absorbing and mitigating sheen from light-end hydrocarbon contamination."

Foss Environmental Services

Foss Environmental Services has had a number of spills in which we have deployed the Rubberizer® product and achieved great success. We have found that toward the end of a spill that Rubberizer®is the only product that is effective in the removal of light ends or sheen. Our customers have been very pleased with the results of the Rubberizer® product because it removed the final product and reduced the overall clean-up time and costs.