POLYMAXX® Oil-only socks controls spills anywhere with its unique POLYMAXX SocksPOLYMAXX® Advanced Absorbent System™. They are best on land but can work on water. Our socks can last 2x longer than conventional socks.
  • Built using POLYMAXX® TOUGH SKIN™ for a strong, resistant outer casing
  • POLYMAXX® Advanced Absorbent System™ technology locks oil inside the sock to avoid additional leakage
  • Remains buoyant, even when fully absorbed, to confine oil on water
  • Does not absorb water
  • Saves time and money in cleanup efforts
  • Ideal for oil spill control around machine bases, spill containment, and spill cleanup
POLYMAXX by ClearTec
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POLYMAXX® Oil-only Sorbent Sock 3
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